Professional and stately flag
The most popular business and
commercial flag
Ideal for use in light wind situations due
to the spread out design
Available with and without a tunnel
sleeve on top
This model flag Has The relatively highest

Standard sizes
100 × 300 cm
120 × 350 cm
120 × 400 cm
150 × 450 cm
150 × 500 cm
Custom sizes are possible.


stylish appearance
True attention grabber and added
advertising area
These banners can be used on fixed wall
mounts but ook on banner savers

Standard sizes
60 × 250 cm
80 × 300 cm
Custom sizes are possible.


The most classical flag
This flag needs wind to reach it’s full
Straight flags makes Their messages
‘Come alive’ due to Their play fullness
These flags are narrower and are ook
used for situations with budget
Straight flags require simple flagpoles

Standard sizes
100 × 70 cm
150 × 100 cm
180 × 130 cm
225 × 150 cm
300 × 200 cm
Custom sizes are possible.


Heavy duty flag
These flags are made of spun material
or 160gsm and are resistant to stronger
winds than regular flags
Although They are Mainly used in
They are shipping ook The Necessary
other choice for windy conditions
like beachfronts

Standard sizes
150 × 100 cm
225 × 150 cm
300 × 200 cm
Custom sizes are possible.


Made for wall mounted flagpoles
Finished in an angle to keep the image
straight and fully visible
Also available in double sided finish
Makes any ‘storefront’ stand out

Standard sizes
75 × 75 × 150 cm
50 × 50 × 100 cm
Custom sizes are possible


Doekproducten worden gemaakt in vele soorten materialen. Hieronder vindt u onze selectie. Gemaakt van bewezen materialen hebben onze vlaggen een hoge duurzaamheid. Dit is belangrijk om het scheuren van de vlag in sterke wind zo lang mogelijk uit te stellen, en zodoende uw boodschap zo lang mogelijk representatief te houden. Zoekt u ook een afwijkend materiaal, informeer dan naar onze mogelijkheden.

Knitted Polyester
115 gram per sq. m2
160 gram per sq. m2
Beach/Mesh Poly.
130 gram per sq. m2
Display fabric
300 gram per sq. m2
This is our most common material. It is lightweight and has a light shine to it. They appearance is most suited for regular flags.This is a heavy fabric with a matte finish. The fact that it's heavy makes it more durable in conditions with strong winds. Due to the thickness this material can only be screen printed.This is a thicker material all which is used as an alternative for knitted on polyester flags. We also supply this material mesh for increased durability. This material is used for display products. Frame prints mostly. The transparency of this material is almost non existent and we sublimate this material with a one side view as a result.

Material specifications

 Knitted polyesterSpun polyesterBeach/Mesh fabric
Material 100% Polyester100% Polyester100% Polyester
Quality3-threads PolyesterSpun3-threads Polyester
Weight115 gr/m²160 gr/m²130 gr/m²
AppearanceLight satin shineMatte lookLight satin shine
UV-resistanceVery strong color fastnessVery strong color fastnessVery strong color fastness
Durability (estimated)3 to 5 months (depending on weather conditions)4 to 6 months (depending on weather conditions)4 to 6 months (depending on weather conditions)
UsageStandard flag materialDurable flag materialEnhanced durability
Available printing techniquesDigital Screen printingScreen printingDigital Screen printing

The correct size

Indien de mast op een winderige omgeving staat, kies dan bij voorkeur een kleinere vlag.

Vertical flags

Recommended sizeFlagpole height
100 × 250 cm5 meter
100 × 300 cm 6 meter
120 × 350 cm7 meter
120 × 400 cm8 meter
150 × 450 cm9 meter
150 × 500 cm10/12 meter

Horizontal flags

Recommended sizeFlagpole height
75 × 50 cm2 meter
150 × 100 cm5/6 meter
180 × 120 cm5/6 meter
225 × 150 cm7/8 meter
300 × 200 cm9/10 meter
450 × 300 cm10/12 meter

As a flag supplier we cannot go without offering country flags.
For this reason we stock a good collection of country flags.
Since these flags come from stock we can offer them for competitive pricing and with fast shipping.
We have listed a selection of flags we have in stock.
Are you looking for a flag that is not on the list?
No problem, just tell us and we can produce it.