Traditional flagpole
Classical and simple appearance
Because of the hinge base this pole is
easily lowered and also very
conveniently adjustable after a storm

Diameter: 66 mm
Shape: Cylindrical
Outfitted with or without banner arm
White or anodised color
Supplied with rings and counterweight
Supplied as standard with hinge base

Standard sizes
6 meter


Flagpole with a modern appearance
Robust shape due to the conical shape
of the pole
Because of the hinge base this pole is
easily lowered and also very
conveniently adjustable after a storm

Diameter: 125-65 mm
Shape: Conical
White color
Optional banner arm is equipped
with ballbearings
Supplied with hinge base as standard

Standard sizes
6 meter
7 meter
8 meter


Wooden or aluminium
Recommended for use with kiosk flags
for optimal legibility
This pole is outfitted with a wall mount
and an orange cap as standard

Standard sizes
2 meter
Custom sizes are possible


Turn your existing poles into
banner holders
Suitable for most lantern posts
Provides a clear and wrinkle free
advertising surface
Easy to install
Attention: this product is not meant
for flagpoles or weak structures. The
banner can create a significant force on
the installation

Standard sizes
Maximale diameter van de lantaarnpaal is 30 cm.
Lengte uithouder is 55 cm


Easily transform basic flagpoles in
flagpoles with banner arms suitable for
standing flags
The banner arms are available by
replacing the head or as added
hoistable accessory
Several options are available depending
on choice and existing flagpole
This is a durable conversion kit


Manufactered from PE to avoid
damaging the mast
Durable and very resilient
Available in different variations
and sizes

Diameter ring: 15 cm
Diameter ring: 17 cm


PVC-design with stainless steel parts
Suitable for nearly all poles

Diameter ring: 12,5 cm
Diameter ring: 15 cm
weight: 0,5 kg

We normally keep all our flagpoles on stock. Our standard stocks consists of poles of 6 to 8 meters
in length. All our standard flagpoles are fiberglass with the exception of the 6 meter poles which we
carry in both fiberglass and aluminium. The advantage is that we can deliver quickly and
produce cost efficiently. Although we carry a standardized stock we can make to order if you
require an alternative pole. Please contact us about this.

If you are interested in receiving more detailed information about our poles or price information
please contact us.

Our flagpoles are absolutely distinguishable in quality. We supply all our poles with hinge bases
so they can be easily adjusted after storms but also lowered easily for replacing the flag. Our
banner arms are equipped with ball bearings to prevent squeaking and prolong durability also
our banner arms will not sway after time. Another benefit which is subjective is that our
poles are made out of fiberglass. Even though the quality difference between aluminium and
fiberglass for flagpoles is still undecided it can be said that the conical shape of fiberglass provides
a more robust impression.

Placement Service
If you do not have the opportunity to place the flagpoles yourself, you could also give us the assignment. We
will make sure everything will be handled professionally, from the initial order to the placement of the flagpole.
For the placement of the flagpoles we have fixed rates, which are dependent of your zip code region. Besides
placement we can also handle the repairs and the upkeep of your flagpole. For more information, please
ask us for our quotations.